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about me:

During the work-week, I am a language teacher in Tucson, Arizona. 
I grew up in Germany, Arizona, and Georgia before moving to Seattle (I was an army brat);
after a year there, and then a year in France, I returned to the Pacific Northwest, where I got married. 
My wife and I spent several years in Seattle before going to live in Central America for a year...
Then, after a year back in Washington,
we moved to Arizona, where I am now indulging myself by setting up this photo web-site.
And so, in the galleries (coming soon), 
you will see photos from Seattle to South America, 
Italy to Nicaragua, 
from glaciated peaks
to saguaro-framed rocks, 
tropical volcanoes, Paris...
Most of the recent photos are from southern Arizona.
Over the years, photography has become a way to relax and refocus. 
From my point-and-shoot while living as a grad-student in Europe, 
I finally made the switch to digital
while living in Central America a few years ago.

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"Qué Bonita" Gallery and Furnishings (Tanque Verde & Sabino Canyon)
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in Tucson, AZ 

photography, images of:
Tucson, Southern Arizona, Seattle, Pacific Northwest, Mt. Rainier, Central America, France, Italy,
South America, Peru, Machu Picchu, Nicaragua, Guatemala, saguaro, wildlife, cactus flowers, Québec, Maine, botanical, landscapes